There are so many resources in the cloud for creating games for your classroom. Use them to help study for a quiz or test, or just to reinforce learning. Either way, try some of these out!

Learn Gamer
If you haven't been over to @LearnGamer's website or followed him on Twitter, then you need to hurry up and take a look. This is a fantastic site for finding fun ways to incorporate games into your classroom. There are games to play for math, vocabulary, social studies, reading comprehension and more! These are not online games, these are games you make and play live with your students. Each day on twitter he tweets his latest additions to the site so check daily and get gaming.

Interesting Ways to . .
This is a comprehensive site for finding interesting ways to teach different subjects or use different tools in your classroom. Tom Barrett used to share these individually as slideshare presentations, now they are all together in one handy dandy website. I personally love the interesting ways to make your class sparkle and the interesting ways to use wallwisher but there are so many interesting wys series that you'll have to head over and check them out yourself.

Check out this totally fun and addicting website full of games, brainteasers, puzzles and more. Have one of these open when your kids arrive in class so they have some mental aerobics to get the juices flowing in the morning. Try it after recess/lunch when the kids get back to help settle them down and focus. There are so many archived as well as daily teasers that you will have enough to use all year!

Do,do,do,do,do,do,do . . .you know the theme song now create the game! This is NOT a power point, this is an online Jeopardy Game-style generator and it's FREE. There are many games already saved on the site that you can use, or you can create your own. Topics can range from math facts, parts of speech, social studies, science terminology. Use it to review before a test OR have your class create the answers and questions to show what they know.
Create flashcards with this great and easy-to-use free website! See the Web Wow page for additional information and video. I use it with my personal children when they are studying for a test or quiz.
Team Maker
Need to create teams or groups in your class for a project or small group work and can't find your grouping cards? Try this random group generator. Just plug in your names, how you want your teams named (numbers,etc.) and this website will create your teams. That was easy!
Study Stack
Create your "study stack" then you're ready to have your students play games, test themselves and more with this great site. Also can be embedded on your web page or blog! Visit the Web Wow Wednesday page for more information and video.
The Problem Site
This is a combination of logic games, brainteasers and math and word puzzles. The kids LOVE to challenge themselves with the Daily Word Grid or Guess My Number games among others. It's a great site to have open when your 4th-6th graders come into class to see if they can solve these puzzles. The kids feel a great sense of accomplishment when they do as these are tricky.

Education World
WOW! This site can probably be used to plan your whole day if not your whole school year. It has everything from quotes, to educational games and puzzles, ideas for integrating technology into your day in easy ways, lesson ideas and so much more I don't have time to tell them all. You will also find this on the home page since it is a valuable general resource as well as a place for games.
Classroom Energizers and More
Do you find yourself talking to children in your class who seem to have fallen asleep, are daydreaming or have tuned out? Then try adding a few energizers to your day. Kids brains have a learning time limit (see here) so adding some of these energizers to your learning day will be a great boost to the learning atmosphere (not to mention that the kids will love it and think that you are totally cool!)