Language Arts Sites


There are a plethora of amazing language arts sites for classroom use as well as those places that are mainly resources for teachers. Here are some of the ones that I have used and that the kids really enjoy.

Reading and Writing Websites

Inside Story Flahcards
What is it? A fantastic site with beautiful images for each definition. It really helps make the definition "stick" in your students brain because it visually pairs it with an image. Try making these with your own students using classroom vocabulary, Science vocabulary, words from a story, and more; the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! Thanks to @kellytenkely from ilearntechnology for this great find.

Compilation of great sites
This comprehensive, annotated listing will help you see how technology can help your students with their reading. The link is to a blog post that has several amazing websites not just listed, but also how each site can be used in your reading class. This is one to bookmark!

Storytime for Me!
Storytime for me is a beautifully animated series of audio stories featuring Fern the Fox and other animals. The stories are geared toward Kindergarten through Second grade but can easily be managed by preschool children or even English language learners as it highlights each word in the story as it reads it aloud. Thanks to @ktenkely from i-learn technology for this post.

This is a fantastically easy, fun and engaging site that you will want to use right away. Easily create stories by dragging and dropping illustrations onto a page and then add text; it's that easy. There are many artists to choose from and illustrations your children will love. One thing I love is the about the illustrator inforamtion that goes along with the artist's work because as an aside you can add a little geography to your writing time by finding on the map where the artist is located.For more information see my **screencast** or go to the site for easy-to-follow tours and tutorials.

Story Jumper
This is another great site for creating online stories with your class. One of the things I love about this site is that it does not require children to sign up with an email; it asks only for a screen name (and tells them NOT to use their real name) and a password so your class can begin to use it right away. Though not as simple as **storybird**, it does have some of the same elements like starting from scratch or from a theme. This is one I would try with whole groups first before using it individually so that your class can see how to use it.

Grammar sites

How would you like a site that incorporates personification with learning the parts of speech? Well, Grammaropolis is a website with animated characters that teach about the parts of speech. Along with a descriptive introduction of each character, there are games, books, coloring page, videos and songs that will teach or refresh your children's memory when it comes to the parts of speech. Use this to introduce a part of speech or to reinforce it. Try having your kids come up with their own "character" to describe OR have them become one of the characters and go to a younger classroom to "introduce" and teach them about who they are!

I Know That
This is a new site to me thanks to **Kelly Tenkely**'s post about it. I've already used it with my first graders who love it. It has games and skill builders for all subjects and grades from Pre-K through 6. If you are using it with younger kids, I would set it up ahead of time as there is a lot of clicking involved but once your kids get there they will love it's colors, characters and animations not to mention the fun they will have learning while playing.

Chomp Chomp
This site is a great site for your class to use when they are working on their grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. It is interactive and the kids love it. They have fun winning virtual prizes while practicing identifying nouns, verbs independent and dependent clauses, comma splices, fused sentences and MORE. This is great for 5th grade but probably can be used for 4th through 6th.

Go for the Grammar Gold
This is a Harcourt website that has grammar practice for 1st through 5th grade as well as **resources for teachers and parents** like writing practice, a vocabulary glossary and more.

Internet 4 Classrooms
One of my all-time favorite, go-to sites is both a resource for the teacher and an interactive site for the kids. This site is grade-specific for K-!2, arranged by literacy topic and includes categories like listening and following direction for kindergarten and finding the main idea for third grade. Each topic has links to several sites where the children play games while practicing the targeted skill. There are even links for your high school junior and senior to help study for the SAT and ACT tests.

Literacy Center
This next site is perfect for pre-k-k teachers who want a fun site for your kids to practice their phonics. It is also great for learning the letters and their sounds. Literacy Center is also a great site for English language learners or students learning French, Spanish or German.

This is a great site to take your 2nd through 5th grade kids to have them practice proofreading and editing in an interactive way.

Power Proofreading
2nd - 5th graders can practice their editing skills.
magnetic poetry
If you love refrigerator magnets you'll love using this online tool. This site offers four different types of "magnetic" words to place on the refrigerator to create stories, poems or fun phrases. Use the "First Words" set with emergent readers and writers for a writing experience. Older children will love arranging the words or phrases on the locker. Click on the background to change from a refrigerator to a wipe-off board to a school locker. Fun for the teachers as well!
magnetic board spelling
Kindergarteners, first and second graders will love to use this magnetic board to make words from the blends, endings and beginning sounds that are arranged on this "blackboard." Use it to practice substituting beginning sounds, making lists of rhyming words, use it to practice your short vowel sounds as the endings are all short vowels. This is useful and fun in one place!

Teacher Resources

"Poster Yourself" is their tag line but it is so much more than that! Edu.glogster offers you the ability to create an interactive, vibrant, colorful page that can hold images, podcasts, videos and text. There are multiple categories of stickers, frames, players, papers and walls (backgrounds) that you can use to personalize your glog. Think of the possibilities for your classroom: create a glog for your "star of the week," let your "star" create their own glog in class, create a glog instead of the traditional biography report or poster, use a glog instead of a newsletter and let it include video highlights of your class, the ideas are endless! See this one that my daughter created for a project about William Penn.
WebowordWeboword is a site that I learned about through a feed in my Google reader. I was hooked immediately by the simplicity and the easy way this could be incorporated into class. Weboword is a daily vocabulary site that includes stick figure drawings that illustrate the definitions. It also has an audio option so you can hear the word pronounced aloud. In addition to the definition, it gives the part of speech and a sentence to show how it is used. What I love is that you can subscribe to get the daily word right to your inbox; there is also a widget for your website. There are archives of words as well as crossword puzzles. Make it a job in your class to get the word of the day OR create your own webowords for your class vocabulary.
WordiaWordia is a vocabulary site that has a video that dramatizes each definition. As it says on the webiste, "It brings the words to life." Now there is a Wordia for schools option so your students can create and upload their own video definitions for words. Think of the possibilities for engaging your students' creativity!
Word Magnets
LOVE THIS tool. It's like refrigerator magnets but better because it uses YOUR text. Type in (or copy and paste) text and word magnets creates individual magnets of your text. You can then choose backgrounds for your board including a numbered list, Venn Diagram, columns, boxes and more. Now, how could you use this besides just having fun--well, make lists of words that have same endings, paste in text and pull out the visual images, descriptive words, parts of speech, words beginning with (). I think you will find this a fun tool for your classes that they will enjoy using. Here is an example of one that I made.

Spelling City
This site is great for teachers who have weekly spelling quizzes in their classroom. Sign up for premium membership and spelling city will keep track of your students' spelling test scores. Sign up for free membership and store all of your weekly lists on this site, then have your kids go there to practice, learn and play games with their spelling words. Watch this screencast to see how easy it is. NOW Spelling City is also Vocabulary City making it even more of a resource for you and your students!

Read Write ThinkThis is is by far the most amazing language arts site for your planning needs. Thousands of free lessons organized by content, grade level, literacy strand and searchable by topic. If there is one site that you bookmark for language arts planning, this is it. The wonderful thing about these teacher-made lessons is that they incorporate and list the standarrs, they tell you the duration of the lesson and the span of time, it includes the pages or charts that you will need, tells you how much time on the computer your class will need and honestly makes it a cake walk to do a lesson. Honestly, they are not paying me to sing their praises, but when I was a classroom teacher teaching LA I used this on a regular basis.
Education Oasis
This site is a godsend for those of you who like to use graphic organizers in your class. Use the abc word chart with your class when talking about a book. Children can come up with a word to go with each letter of the alphabet and describe how it applies to the story. Use the character analysis chart when assigning a book report so kids can keep track of the main character's traits; a word bank of adjectives is even included.

Kidderlit is a great site for opening sentences. Used in writing , this site can be used as a mini-lesson
on writing interesting or gripping topic sentences or first sentences for book reports, biographies since it has many first sentences from stories to read. Use it in reading to demonstrate going beyond the book cover when selecting an independent reading book.

Make Belief Comix
Like the title implies, this is a site for comics--you can go here to creat your own 2, 3, or 4 comic slides for your class about an upcoming activity to advertise, allow your kids to go here to create a set of slides explaining a topic, use it with your language class to practice writing dialogues, your math students to explain converting improper fractions to mixed numerals; the possibilities are almost endless.

Soft Schools
This site is arranged by grade levels as well as content. It includes online games and printable worksheets on everything from phonics to science and social studies. There are even online quizzes and handwriting pages. A must visit site for the elementary and middle school teacher. You can do a little or a lot from this one place.

Word Central
This is Merriam Webster's vocabulary site. Use it to learn a word-a-day during morning meeting. Make it a job for someone to go to the site and teach the class the new word. Have kids incorporate the new word into their writing. Try having your class see how they can use the word in conversation throughout the day. Endless possibilities.

Handwriting Worksheets
This is a FREE handwriting worksheet generator from D'Nealian style to cursive

Pete's Power Point Station
I honestly can't say enough about Pete's Power Point Station. It has absolutely EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need on EVERY subject you teach or holiday that comes around. It is fantastic! A note of caution: clicking on a topic will lead to more clicking. In addition to what you see on the colorful quilt-like homepage, there are 1600 additional topics. You'll want to use the alphabetized index to get where you want. Click here if you need something for **Presiden't Day**

Science and Social Studies
Math Resources