Create a GraphCreate a graph is a site that allows you to make 5 different types of graphs including pie chart and xy chart. In just 5 steps from selecting your graph type to printing and saving you get to choose your style, input your data, label the axes, give points a shape--it is all customizable by you. You get to preview your graph and can make changes along the way. It is a great tool for creating beautifully plotted data!
Math Story
Teaching Math or Science? Have students who enjoy music? Want to change things up a bit and engage your musical learners? Then try Math Story, the website for math and science stories, poems and songs for all areas of your math curriculum from 1st grade through Algebra!

Math LandingMath Landing is everything you need for your students and yourself when it comes to teaching Mathematics. It is resources for professional development AND it is resources to help you plan your lessons. It includes an explanation of the lesson and the link to the website that your students will visit during the lesson. Math Landing is searchable by keyword, grade level or math topic. This site is a MUST for classroom teachers and Math specialists.
A Plus ClickA Plus Click is a fantastic site for students from Grade 1 through Grade 12. What it does is allows students to practice math problems advancing the student to the next level of difficulty as the child responds correctly. When visiting the site you can practice math problems based on grade level or subject or topic. All problems come with a visual prompt to help them "see" the problem. This site would be a great addition to any classroom or home.
Math ChimpMath Chimp is a great site for online math games that I learned about from @rmbyrne (aka Free Tech for Teachers). Math Chimp is resource for online math games that are aligned to the standards. The games are arranged by grade and then by the standard, ex.Understand Place Value found in the Second Grade tab. Math Chimp will be a great addition to any classroom's bank of resources as well as a fun way for students to practice their math at home.
Math GlossaryThis is Harcourt's site for K-6th grade mathematical terminology. This is a great site to share with your students' parents as they may not remember what the distributive property of multiplication is. It is also helpful to the students! This is a must for any class website's link section.
Yummy Math yummy math is a website with math problems geared toward middle school students that are relevant to today. They use real events like sports status' and weather to make the problem-solving meaningful and relevant to the students.
Math TVWhat I love about Math Tv is that it has a range of math content areas from basic math to algebra and more. Each problem is visually explained by 3-4 different teachers who have their own ways of explaining each problem but all do it step-by-step. It is an excellent accompaniment to any math program as well as a great site for students to visit who need a little extra help.
Khan Academy"The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere." This website truly has something for every age of student from elementary to college-level, from mathematics to biology to banking and finance. What it is is video examples of step-by-step problem-solving. It provides for the visual as well as auditory learner. THIS is an excellent supplement for any student who needs to hear it again OR who needs enrichment. Khan Academy is a site that I would definitely post as a link on a classroom blog or wiki. Additionally, having your students creat Khan Academy-like videos would be a great extension and assessment of their learning as well as a resource to other students.

Math Live

Math Live is a fantastic site for teaching and reviewing math concepts with your elementary students. It is an animated "talk show" type format with excellent graphics, clear explanations and topics that range from estimating to multiplying and dividing decimals. It also has a complete glossary of mathematical terms which includes definitions and picture examples. This great find came from****and it's one you'll want to use both as an introduction to concepts as well as a review for students who are more visual learners. Here's an idea, after watching some, have your kids create their own "Math Live" review.

I Know That
This is a new site to me thanks to **Kelly Tenkely**'s post about it. I've already used it with my first graders who love it. It has games and skill builders for all subjects and grades from Pre-K through 6. If you are using it with younger kids, I would set it up ahead of time as there is a lot of clicking involved but once your kids get there they will love it's colors, characters and animations not to mention the fun they will have learning while playing.

Internet 4 Classrooms
I know I mentioned this site on the Language Arts page but I cannot help myself. When I say that this is one of the BEST resources for your class, it is one of THE BEST sites. Arranged by category or standard, this site has links to hundreds of interactive games and practice tests and the kids absolutely LOVE it. You will find yourself using it over and over throughout your curriculum.

Illuminations from NCTM
This is the website of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and it is fantastic. There are lesson ideas, plans and activities set up by grade level and it is searchable by both grade strand and math subject. I have used the activities with the classes learning their multiplication facts and geometrical shapes and the kids love it. Here is an example of what can be made using the "Shape Tools" activity.


Interactivate from Shodor
This is both a resource for teachers and an activity zone for students. The site is set up according to the math standard strands (ex. Algebra, Geometry, Numbers and Operations, etc.) and includes full lesson plans on various math topics along with how and when to integrate the activities from the site as well as which ones to use. I have used the activity Arithmetic Four (think: Connect Four) with children from grades 2-5 and they love it, even asking for the site so they can play at home. Why not have a tech day each week where you class does math online using this site to practice their skills!

Math.comThe great thing about this site is it has both games and tutorials. I use it fairly regularly with my own son, especially before a test or quiz. It goes through practice questions that can include explanations then it provides practice tests. All math subjects are included here from elementary through high school.
That QuizNo more checking those individual mad minutes in your class now that you have tried this. I have teachers in my school using this website for daily or thrice weekly math fact practice. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and more. Great for grades 1-8.
Kid ZonePractice up to 100 random basic math facts and have them marked and scored for you as soon as you're finished. Another great way to have your kids learn their facts. In addition to online activities for math, there are printables by grade level and topic.
Math DrillsCome here for fact sheets on all math topics. This is not an interactive site for children but a valuable resource for you. I used this site regularly when teaching 5th grade. My class needed practice on multiplication so I printed out several worksheets to use for three-minute madness. When my class was working on adding and subtracting fractions, I printed out several sheets for practice. Additionally, there are holiday math sheets, graph paper and everything you could need to supplement your class. Great for differentiation.

http://www.aplusmath.comBoth online interactive activities including games and flash cards on various math topics, as well as pages for printing. The great thing about this site is that it will correct what your kids do when they work with the online drill sheets. invaluable resource for teachers and parents alike. I came across this when looking for practice sheets for my 6th grader who is in 7th grade math (Pre-Algebra). This site has free printable worksheets and answer sheets from all ages and stages of school children and math levels and topics. If you have time to kill, read the blog that is written by the creator of this site, it is very interesting.

http://www.learningplanet.comThis is more than just a math site but the math games on here are great. This site includes a daily word search (as well as archived), suduko puzzles that alert you when you are correct by turning green, and a solitaire-type game called Code 13 whose object is to make the sum of card pairs equal 13 without running out of "lives".
Many fun games in this math "arcade" for various ages and levels of math experience.

http://www.thegreatmartinicompany.comFlash cards galore on this excellent site to practice addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, decimals, exponents and geometry. There are interactive quick quizzes and many more fun ways for the kids to practice their facts.

http://www.coolmath.comand http://www.coolmath4kids.comThese sister sites which can be accessed from either address are known as "amusement parks of math and more" with lessons, games, practice, puzzles and more. The kids LOVE this site and often ask if they can go there to play., matching, flashcards, concentration, battleship, scavenger hunt, jeopardy--all interactive, need I say more. Quia has not just math topics by age level but also by topic. If you search around this shared section you will find something for every topic (including language arts) and it's FUN! You can also create an account and create your own homoework and quizzes that are done by your kids ONLINE and are scored ONLINE--instant gratification for you and them. the younger set (K-2) this site has numeracy (and **literacy**) activities.

http://www.nlvm.usu.eduThis is the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives and it is just that--math manipulatives that you can "manipulate" using your mouse. Set up by topics including numbers and operations, algebra, data and analysis, geometry, and grade levels, this site has great activities that involove the use of the manipulatives to enhance math understanding. Choose your language options include English, French or Spanish. Tired of losing or breaking rubberbands, try the geoboards, they are fun. Working on patterning with your kindergarteners--use the pattern maker. Having a hard time explaining adding and subtracting positive and negative intergers to your 5th graders--use the color chip addition practice module. Caution, this site can be addicting to both teacher and student! has some great ideas for incorporating technology into your math curriculum from the youngest grades in school to the oldest. How about using a digital camera to have the students represent a math problem!

MATH PRACTICE AND LEARNING – FREE FOR TEACHERSTeachers choose their own curriculum (mapped to state standards), assign work to students, have it automatically graded immediately, review individual and class performance, and most importantly, take immediate action. TenMarks is super effective and real easy to use – it was designed with the help of math teachers across the country. What’s more - it's FREE for the entire class!

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