Science Links

Ms. Nucleus Storybooks
This is a collection of animated science storybooks for K-12 on a variety of topics ranging from electricity to Plate tectonics to the Rock Cycles and Life Cycles. The stories are fun, engaging and will be enjoyed by your science classes. You may even want to consider having your class create their own science stories. This is definitely one to add to your "go-to" collection!

Science Net Links
This site offers a wealth of information for the science teacher or the teacher who has to teach science as part of their everyday curriculum. It includes resources as well as internet-based K-12 science lesson plans arranged by level and topic (K-2. 3-5, etc.). Honestly, it couldn't be any easier to find great online interactive science activities to go with your specific topic or theme. One other fun piece is the "Today in Science" feature. I think this site could be an amazing component of any classroom.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Games, puzzles and activity pages define this website. This link will take you directly to the index but if you click the home page you can access their environmental health activities, lessons and ideas of how to integrate the teaching into your curriculum.

Science Vocabulary Hangman
This is the link to the vocabulary hangman games from Jefferson Lab. The topics range from seasons to animals, elements, biology, practically anything that you teach. There are also math vocabulary games for 5th-8th grade topics. My kids LOVE to play on this site to practice their science vocabulary. My 6th grader uses it to practice before science quizzes and tests. The great thing about this site is that YOU CAN UPLOAD your OWN vocabulary. So, if you have a topic that you are teaching in your class (ecosystems anyone) just upload your document of words and definitions and they will be added to the site.

National GeographicKids
It's National Geographic, it has everything you would think they have and more.

Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG Net)
This is a beautiful site with information and pictures about different habitats, ecosystems and biomes. Great for use when learning about the rainforest, temperate climates and more.

Glossopedia is an interactive, multimedia resource for students to learn about science, nature, animals and culture. It is in the process of changing and updating its site. To view the original Glossopedia, click here. To view the beta site, click here. Wherever you choose to go, include Glossopedia as your global science and nature encyclopedia.

Social Studies Links

Brittanica School
I just happened upon this site by chance when I learned I may be taking over some pieces of the librarian's role next year, and I really like it. It has information for children from elementary through high school. It has videos, images, web links, information, gives the citation, you can email, print, favorite your search. Signing up gives you access to more resources and allows students to save searches and content. The home page has information that changes daily, including a word of the day that students can click on to hear the pronunciation, a video, learning game and more. Great reference tool.

50 Core Documents
From Teaching History comes these 50 core documents for you and your students to use to learn about American History. From the Declaration of Independence to the 1944 State of the Union Address and 48 others in between. If you use Wordle, or another word cloud creator, your students can find the themes running through these pieces of history.

Smithsonian's History Explorer
This site is a gold mine of information, resources and activities. You can filter your search by grade level, era, key words, resource type of cross-curricular connections. Smithsonian;a History Explorer has information for the youngest of elementary grades to the Senior in high school. With everything from books and links to interactive activities and primary sources, your History courses will come alive when you visit this site.

Discovery Education Interactive Atlas
An amazing find thanks to Suzanne Whitlow, a teacher whom I follow on Twitter and whose blog I follow in my Google Reader. This site is just what it's title states: it is an Interactive Atlas that allows students to click on an area of the world and find out information about the History, Culture, Government and the Natural World through embedded videos. This site will be a great addition to any classroom. Try to learn about a new place each week or just use it when learning about another culture or country.

The Law of the Land
This is an amazing find from Richard M. Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers. It is Weekly Reader's site all about the Constitution. It is completely interactive, colorful, includes games, a quiz, a timeline of events and more. Use it in your Social Studies class as a whole group playing the game or have students put on headphones and interact with the site individually. Have them create their own talking "Framer" by using Blabberize or Fotobabble

History Music
What do Lady GaGa and the French Revolution have in common? Only the melody in this case but what you will find on this History Teacher's You Tube channel is a melding of historical events and pop music that will have your students singing their way through history. Check it out and who knows, maybe your students will be inspired to write their own pop history!

From animals to space, religion to writing, Wonderopolis is a fun site for daily learning of interesting facts. Everyday is a new "Wonder" that teaches background history, relevant vocabulary and related information. At the end of each day's "Wonder" is a clue to the next day's featured post. This is a great place to learn something new each day. I can imagine this as a class job to find and read the wonder during morning meeting. I can also see this as a fun segment for a video newscast from your class. So, try it and see what wonders never cease!

History Buff
History Buff is an expansive and extensive collection of primary sources for students, teachers and anyone else who happens to love history. It has archived newspapers, and they recently added narrated panoramas of historical sites including Valley Forge, Independence Hall, Davy Crocketts Home and the site where the signing of the papers to end the Civil War occurred (plus many more). Thanks to @rmbyrne for this link.

Docs Teach
Docs Teach is an amazing, free with registration, resource of primary sources, lesson ideas and ready-to-use tools to help bring history to life for your students. You can even create interactive activities that will make history classes more engaging and fun.

Flow of History
Make history more meaningful and put it into context with these flow charts that "help students see history as a dynamic process of causes and effects, not just a meaningless list of names and dates."

Awesome Stories
Awesome stories is a fantastic resource for history and social studies teachers and students. It is a compilation of primary resources in story context to make the history come alive. There are pictures, videos, slideshows, audio clips, documents and more on topics ranging from Sports stories like ancient Olympics to Disasters like the Holocaust and Ppompeii. This is one place in history you will certainly want to visit. Did I mention that is it FREE to subscribe to and with that subscription you will get access to ALL complete resources?!

Kids past
This site is a treasure trove of facts and information on anything and everything history. I love the home page where each topic is set together like puzzle pieces so the learning helps put together the pieces of our historical puzzle! There are quotes that change with each page as well as historical facts and games. This site is a definite "must see" for history and social studies teachers and students.

This Day in History
This day or this week in history can be found on the website sponsored by the History Channel. There are stories and videos included. How great would it be to have a class historian whose job it would be to let everyone know what happened this day in 1927 and compare it to what "history" is being made today! A fun way to learn about the importance of what might seem like an ordinary day.

Playing History
Playing history is an interactive games site for grades 3-12. There are free games that range from **Mexico Memory** to **Do I Have a Right**and many more. It's a great place to take your class to play and learn at the same time.

Pete's Power Point Station
I honestly can't say enough about Pete's Power Point Station. It has absolutely EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need on EVERY subject you teach or holiday that comes around. It is fantastic! A note of caution: clicking on a topic will lead to more clicking. In addition to what you see on the colorful quilt-like homepage, there are 1600 additional topics. You'll want to use the alphabetized index to get where you want. Click here if you need something for **Presiden't Day** or Black History Month.