Tech Resources for Teachers and How they Can Be Used in Your Classroom
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Created by Debra Finger 11.08

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
-- John Cotton Dana



This site is to be used as a resource for educators. You will find links to great interactive sites to be used with your classes as well as wonderful resources for you. Each site comes with a blurb about what you will find when you click on it as well s how you can begin to use it in your classroom.

General Resources for EVERY part of your teaching day

SMS Text Messaging Generator
Ever wonder what George Washington or Cleopatra would have texted if they lived in the modern world? Now you can have your students create these text message conversations with the SMS Generator. It is as easy as clicking + and typing in the message. When your student is finished with the message, s/he can get a QR code or an embed code. Imagine hanging these fictional messages hanging in your classroom while the students need to decise who is speaking, what they are referring to and what is the importance of the conversation! This will be a great activity for your Social Studies, English or History classroom.

Five-Minute Film Festival Twitter for Teachers
If you have 5 minutes, you have time for some professional development! Five-Minute Film Festival is a series of short videos about using Twitter to develop your PLN and features a playlist on everything from how to get started to how to follow hashtags and where to find the best in educational twitter chats. I strongly encourage you to check out these videos which I found courtesy of this article from edutopia..

Edmodo Rollout Guide
Edmodois a classroom management tool that allows you to share information with groups of students, classes, parents and other teachers. It has the look of Facebook which for your students and teachers who use it, will help them with the navigation. This teacher rollout guide offers links to getting started, sending information to your parents, ways in which you could use edmodo to connect with your students both in and out of class and much more to help make edmodo successful in your classroom. This link to edmodo webinars will allow you to view some archived (and sign up to view live) webinars on using edmodo in your classroom. I would start with the Introduction to Edmodo and then follow it with the Ways to Use Edmodo in your classroom.

What Do You Love?
WDYL is a search tool from Google that I learned about yesterday from Kelly Tenkely's ilearntechnology blog. Apparently WDYL has been around for some time but she had just come across it and shared it with the rest of us. What makes WDYL different from a regular Google search is that it returns the findings in a grid-style format that includes images, related books, video and more. I think they should have called this What Will Google Think of Next.

Insta-GrokInsta-Grok is a fantastic search tool for you and your students. I learned about it recently when an article about it appeared in my Google reader and I was instantly hooked. Insta-Grok returns a graphic organizer of your search term and related terms. It also offers key concepts, websites, videos and images, quizzes and an opportunity for your students to log in and keep track of what they are learning and sites they are visiting. It will truly change the way your students do research.
Next Vista for LearningNext Vista for Learning is a fantastic video site created for students by other students and teachers. It features hundreds of educational learning videos on topics ranging from Literature and Math to Health and Fitness. There are also videos from around the world so your students can learn about other cultures. Add this one to your teacher toolbox!
Instant Classroom by Super Teacher ToolsInstant classroom easily helps teachers manage their students. Need to create a seating chart-instant classroom can do that; need to group your students-instant classroom can do that too; how about randomly calling on students-instant classroom can generate a random order that you can project to your students. This tool is definitely one worth bookmarking!
PBS Learning MediaI cannot say enough about this amazing resource brought to you by a leader in education: PBS! This site has everything you need for your teaching day, from lesson plans and videos to professional development for teachers and students from Pre-K to college. PBS Learning Media has videos and resources for every subject in your teaching day. You can narrow your search by subject, media type and language to find just what you need to enhance your teaching and the students' learning.
Google Search EducationGoogle Search Education Evangelism is one of the fantastic resources that Google offers educators. This site has lessons and explanations on searching the internet in the most basic to advanced way. It has archived webinars, calendar of live events, activities for K-12 students, printouts and more. It is everything you need to get yourself and your students searching the Google way. This site is thanks to a post from Richard Byrne from Freetech4teachers.

Tool Kit A-ZIf you have some time, check out this wiki of every tool imaginable listed from A to Z with a one-line explanation of each. Get out your tool belt and add some of these tools to your class!
Google LivebinderThis "livebinder" contains everything you always wanted to know about Google and how to use it effectively that you could ever ask for or need. It contains pages upon pages of Google resources and links and lessons on everything from how Google search works to Google docs to Google Sketch-Up. It is a wonderful resource for you and your students.
Online Plan Book
Planbookedu is a website that allows you to create and manage your plan book for the school year. Now you won't have to carry your plan book to and from school, it is accessible from anywhere you ahve a connection to the internet. And, the premium feature for $20 annually (with group discounts) allows you to attach files and have multiple plan books concurrently. Having an online plan book will allow you to share your plans with your colleagues, substitutes and administrators.

Web 2.0 tools and videos
Do you want hundreds of tools at your finger tips with explanations on how to use them? Then take a look at this fantastic glog made by Michael Zimmer (I found this through my google reader and twitter). He has put everything in a handy-dandy format. It will take you a while to see everything there is but it is worthwhile and just think--free professional development!

Web 2.0 Tools ListWant to use online tools to create a slideshow? How about drawing tools? Images, audio? How about creating your own **interactive map** using your images? Well, look no further. This is a wiki with web 2.0 tools listed for you by type. Just click on a tool that you want to use and you are directed to a page with a list of links ready to use for that tool. Go ahead, give it a try. Better yet, give your students a chance to try them out.
21st Century Tools ListsNeed more tools? Here is a very complete list of tools for everything from audio to charts, graphs and polls. Now there is no reason to not find what you are looking for!
all my favesThis is one site you will want to make your homepage! It is a website with badges/links to sites on everything from recipes to literature, gardening to poetry and science. It is a fantastic resource for your school and personal life.
EdutecherThis is a fantastic resource for teachers of all subjects and grades. It was posted on **twitter** and is an amazing resource. Just click your grade-level and subject and a host of web tools and resources are shown. that is where I found **word magnets**, a fun way to turn your text into virtual magnets.
Pete's Power Point StationI honestly can't say enough about Pete's Power Point Station. It has absolutely EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need on EVERY subject you teach or holiday that comes around. It is fantastic! A note of caution: clicking on a topic will lead to more clicking. In addition to what you see on the colorful quilt-like homepage, there are 1600 additional topics. You'll want to use the alphabetized index to get where you want. Click here if you need something for **Presiden't Day**
School ExpressThis site has plenty of great activities and resources to take you through the year. In the "Free activities" column you are able to customize and create words for your seasonal or thematic word wall. For teacher who give quizzes or tests. click on the "Make a quiz" link under the Free activities column. For the kids, have them try the online jigsaw puzzles (which is especially great for fine motor skill development as well as spatial reasoning)!
EdZoneThis website has excellent resources for integrating technology into your classrrom. By clicking on the **"Tutorials"** button you will get "How To's" for everything from adding borders to your document to adding music to your Power Point. Additionally, the **Integrating Technology Workshops** page has excellent ideas for using a variety of technology in your classroom along with ideas for every part of your curriculum. This site is a MUST for anyone who wants to learn more and do more with their kids.
ThinkfinityThinkfinity offers teachers a variety of lesson ideas and activities gathered from fantastic sites like **** and **** . The lessons can be searched by subject, key word, resource type or contet partners like music and art education's**** and math's . As you can see from the list, this is just SOME of what you will find when you enter thinkfinity's home page. Every part of your curriculum including foreign language can be enhanced by the free lessons that you will find here.
Teacher TubeThink You Tube for educators. Search around this site for videos to aid in your teaching of any subject. Great songs for math and science, videos on topics about the internet for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Truly a great resource.
Education Oasis
You'll find this on the Language Arts page but I had to mention it again as a resource for teacher tools.

Gail Lovely
Gail Lovely has great links to sites on everything educational. She is a former K-8 teacher and now has put together this site on everything from Phys Ed ideas to World Religions (this includes the 3R's). Check it out.

Education World
WOW! This site can probably be used to plan your whole day if not your whole school year. It has everything from quotes, to educational games and puzzles, ideas for integrating technology into your day in easy ways, lesson ideas and so much more I don't have time to tell them all.

Toon Doo
Have fun with your class creating cartoons or cartoon books about any subject. Use this for any part of your curriculum. You will see how much fun it is for you as well as the kids to create characters, add backgrounds, props, thought and talk balloons to your cartoon panels. You need to register with an email address but it is free. Registering allows you to save to their site and share with your friends (you can choose to keep it private and it will only allow people you email to see your cartoon).


Letter Pop
Have fun using this site to create single or multiple page online newsletters that THEY will email to your address list. Easy to use, just choose a newsletter format and background that you like and add your own text. Registration is free with an email address. With your free registration you can input up to 25 email addresses and send about 12/year (don't quote me here). Of course, if you want to upgrade that will cost you but it may be worth having your school reimburse you as it allows you to send these emails to more people and more times per year. Here is one that I did.


A to Z Teacher Stuff
"A to Z Teacher Stuff is a teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources more quickly and easily. Find lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, discussion forums for teachers, downloadable teaching materials & eBooks, printable worksheets and blacklines, emergent reader books, themes, and more." You can download word wallwords, unit activities, theme resources, handwriting practice pages and lots more.

Rubrics for all subjects as well as the capability to create your own. I always found that kids work well when they know what to expect and parents know what the child should be doing. No more "I didn't know that was what you were looking for."

Classroom Energizers
Do you find yourself talking to children in your class who seem to have fallen asleep, are daydreaming or have tuned out? Then try adding a few energizers to your day. Kids brains have a learning time limit (see:,9,Adjust Direct Instruction/Lecture) so adding some of these energizers to your learning day will be a great boost to the learning atmosphere (not to mention that the kids will love it and think that you are totally cool!)

Stenhouse Publishers
Don't have time to hit the bookstore, take a class or go to the library-- click on this site for teacher professional books that you can read online. Also on the site are videos and podcasts.

Teachers First
"TeachersFirst is a rich collection of (K-12) lessons, **units**, and **web resources**designed to save teachers time by delivering just what they need in a practical, user-friendly, and ad-free format. We offer our own professional and classroom-ready content along with thousands of reviewed web resources, including practical ideas for classroom use and **safe classroom use of Web 2.0**. Busy teachers, parents, and students can find resources using our **subject/grade level search**, **keyword search**, or extensive menus." This is such a great website with invaluable resources. It is so easy to use and is set up in such a way that you can find what you want in a matter of a couple clicks. I found great resources for the cyberbullying unit I was teaching but there is really something for every teacher whether you teach elementary, middle or high school social studies, technology or English as a Second Language.

What is a wordle you ask? A wordle or word cloud is made by typing in a list of words and then the wordle generator makes a colorful graphic of them. The size of the words in a wordle or word cloud is determined by the frequency of that word in the list (in mine, daughter is large because I mentioned it in two words). This is a fun way to talk about a character's traits from a book you are reading in Language Arts or a way to compile a class's list of what good behavior looks like. Use it in Social Studies to describe a country or historical figure. We used it to describe the historical events of the inauguration and our 5th graders used it to illustrate the poll they did with the younger grades on why they like our school. Font styles and colors as well as layout changes are possible. Here is one I made about me and one made by a 5th grade class.

wordle.gif 5th_grade_all.jpg

Noodle Tools
Noodle Tools is an online bibliography creator with notecard-keeping capability. What this means for you and your class once you register with an email address (and I believe a fee) is that your students will never have to create a written bibliography again because Noodle Tools does it for you. All they have to do is fill in the requested, color-coded information and this site will generate the bibliography. For older students who know how to note-take already, Noodle Tools has the capability of keeping online notecards that are lined to the resource from where the information came. Kids take notes directly into this site.

Grade by Grade Tech Examples
This is a 1st grade class using web 2.0 skills in every part of their curriculum.
For Kindergarten teachers who want to integrate technology in to your day but feel conflicted about the barriers like age, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, or just don't know where to start this site is for you. With useful tips, resources and readings, this site will show you that there are other ways of incorporating technology other than putting the children in front of a computer. It also has great examples of integrating tech in math, language arts and science. Scroll to the resource section for other ideas.
First grade teachers, this is for you. This is a wiki that was put together by first grade teachers at a school that wanted a great place to keep all of their resources for their yearly projects and planning. What you will find here is a WEALTH of information as well as a site that may inspire you to create your own.
Second grade teachers, here is a site that offers easy ways to incorporate technology into your curriculum. There are examples for every area of your teaching day that may get you thining of how you can adapt them to your class.
This is a link to several examples of wikis used in elementary school classrooms from 2nd through 5th grade. Third grade teachers should take a look at the Go West wiki made by third graders during their study of the Oregon Trail. It is an excellent example of the capability of your own class. Farther down on the page are examples of older grades as well as a link to middle and upper level examples. It is worth taking a look at these different classrooms to see how a classroom wiki could work for you.
This wiki site is actually a compilation of examples of how educators are using voicethread projects in their classrooms. The pages are organized by grade levels as well as other topics. Click to see what they are doing and hopefully decide on using voicethread as part of integrating technology in your classroom! Be sure to check out the "Best Practices" page as it has ideas for how to develop voice threads in your curriculum.
This is a site to use for both information and examples on how and why to use video in your classroom. There are examples from as young as a first grade class who retold the story of The City Mouse and The Country Mouse . Why use video? Creativity, higher order thinking, organization, writing and planning are just some of the skills that children will use when they create a video. What can you use video for? Retelling a story, creating a live class news, showing a "day in the life" of your class, introducing future students to your class, explaining a math or science concept, reenacting something you are learning in Social Studies, the list is almost endless.

If you are still skeptical about using video or what you can do, this is a site with more examples and ideas for you.

Digital Cameras in the Classroom
"40 ways (and tips)" to use a Flip video camera in your classroom. site has links to lesson plans, articles and 1001 ways to use a camera in the classroom.
26 excellent and ready-to-implement ideas for going digital.
What is good about this site is it offers ideas by grade/school level as well as subject area specific.

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