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Tuesday, November 22

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  4. page Livebinders of Resources edited I have created these livebinders for your use. Please visit and enjoy. I will continue to update th…
    I have created these livebinders for your use. Please visit and enjoy. I will continue to update them as I find appropriate resources!
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  5. page Language Arts Resources edited ... LOVE THIS tool. It's like refrigerator magnets but better because it uses YOUR text. Type in (…
    LOVE THIS tool. It's like refrigerator magnets but better because it uses YOUR text. Type in (or copy and paste) text and word magnets creates individual magnets of your text. You can then choose backgrounds for your board including a numbered list, Venn Diagram, columns, boxes and more. Now, how could you use this besides just having fun--well, make lists of words that have same endings, paste in text and pull out the visual images, descriptive words, parts of speech, words beginning with (). I think you will find this a fun tool for your classes that they will enjoy using. Here is an example of one that I made.
    Spelling City ThisCityThis site is
    Read Write ThinkThis is is by far the most amazing language arts site for your planning needs. Thousands of free lessons organized by content, grade level, literacy strand and searchable by topic. If there is one site that you bookmark for language arts planning, this is it. The wonderful thing about these teacher-made lessons is that they incorporate and list the standarrs, they tell you the duration of the lesson and the span of time, it includes the pages or charts that you will need, tells you how much time on the computer your class will need and honestly makes it a cake walk to do a lesson. Honestly, they are not paying me to sing their praises, but when I was a classroom teacher teaching LA I used this on a regular basis.
    Education Oasis
    Word Central
    This is Merriam Webster's vocabulary site. Use it to learn a word-a-day during morning meeting. Make it a job for someone to go to the site and teach the class the new word. Have kids incorporate the new word into their writing. Try having your class see how they can use the word in conversation throughout the day. Endless possibilities.
    Mrs. Bogucki's ClassAnother amazing resource for teachers, this site is from former 3rd grade now 5th grade teacher who wanted to give back to the cybercommunity from whom she borrowed great things. This is a fabulous example of a teacher's classroom website. Scroll down once you arrive to find LA, Math Social Studies and Science activities as well as printable practice sheets and much, much more.
    Handwriting Worksheets
    This is a FREE handwriting worksheet generator from D'Nealian style to cursive
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  6. page Digital Storytelling edited Where to find free fotos PhotosforclassPhotosforClass Photosforclass PhotosforClass is a ...…

    Where to find free fotos
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    and download!

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    Flickr Creative CommonsBringCommons
    your class
    Internet Archive Book Images on Flickr
    Gathering and using images is often a big part of student projects. Finding and using images that are labeled for reuse (Google images—search tools— labeled for reuse), or are copyright free, or that are made specifically for students and teachers to use can be another story. If you and your students are used to doing this, it's not a big deal, but if they are not, then they need to know which sites to go to. This past July, millions of historical book images were uploaded to Flickr and are now ready to be used freely by you and your students. Take a look— they are pretty cool.
    Clip art and images to use in your digital storytelling. Talk about paydirt-- this website has links to many, many sites for images and clipart that are free to use with your class. Some sites ask for attribution, others do not but all contain images that abide by the copyright laws.
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    Creative Commons SearchCCSearchSearch
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    How to Tell Your Story
    Want to make an explainer video that looks professionally done? Then look no further than Moovly. Moovly lets you be as creative as you want to be adding text, images, transitions, audio, narration, and more.
    Want to make an explainer video in 3 easy steps? MySimpleShow is a new tool that literally does the work for you. Start from a template, from scratch, OR from your uploaded power point and MySimpleShow adds photos based on your text. Switch them up, add your own, or keep as it, you then move on to step 3: adding narration. Again, record your own voice or use theirs and your video is DONE! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
    Stupeflix is your free online video editing and movie-making tool. Sign up for a free educator account, invite or add up to 100 students, then get started. Upload images and videos, capture from your webcam, add transitions, a soundtrack and hit process. They have an audio library for your use, you can upload your own, or do what I do, go to Youtube's audio library, find what you want, download, upload to Stupeflix, and call it a party!

    Not just for consuming music, viral, or how-to videos, YouTube has a video creation tool that allows you to make audio slideshows and video mash-ups using your own images and videos. What I love is the ease and ability to add annotations, transitions, and copyright free audio from the YouTube audio library. To see how easy it is, just watch this Practical EdTech Video from Richard Byrne.
    I learned about Meograph last spring, but didn't really take a look at it until today and I must say, I like it. It's fairly easy to use with drag-and-drop spaces for text, audio, links, images, and youtube videos. What I also like is the way it guides you through the creation process. I think this would work particularly well in a history or social studies class, but could just as easily work for telling the story of a novel in English class. I suggest getting inspired by some of the examples and then just giving it a try!
    is an This is a great example of how a third grade class used voicethread to enhance their poetry unit.
    to create

    One True MediaOneMedia
    True Media
    "Poster Yourself" is their tag line but it is so much more than that! Edu.glogster offers you the ability to create an interactive, vibrant, colorful page that can hold images, podcasts, videos and text. There are multiple categories of stickers, frames, players, papers and walls (backgrounds) that you can use to personalize your glog. Think of the possiblilities for your classroom: create a glog for your "star of the week," let your "star" create their own glog in class, create a glog instead of the traditional biography report or poster, use a glog instead of a newsletter and let it include video highlights of your class, the ideas are endless!
    Photo Story 3Photo3
    Story 3
    your digital story.Forstory.
    more, click
    Bitstrips for Schools
    Bitstrips is an online comic creator. With Bitstrips for Schools, teachers can sign up for up to 40 students for a low monthly or yearly price. Bitstrips for Schools has a plethora of activities to use with your students ranging from English to Character Education, Science to Physical Education and is organized by subject and age appropriateness. Once you take a look at all the ideas, your head head will burst with all of the great possibilities for using it with your students! Take a look at the Web Wow 2012 media roll for my sceencast.

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  7. page Digital Storytelling edited Where to find free fotos PhotosforclassPhotosforClass is a fantastic site for images for you an…

    Where to find free fotos
    PhotosforclassPhotosforClass is a fantastic site for images for you and your students. What I love about it is that every picture comes with the attribution framed at the bottom of the image. Makes being a good digital citizen and respecting the property of others as easy as search, click, and download!
    PixabayPixabay is one of my favorite go-to sites for beautiful public domain images that I can use for my own projects, or projects with students. Being a good digital citizen means always doing the right thing when online, and using images that are in the public domain is a great way to respect other's property. Though public domain images do not need to be cited, I always have my students credit the owner as well as the site.
    PhotopinPhotopin is a great site for images to use on your blog (or any other site) because they are downloadable by the size you need, and they are creative commons which means they are free for you to use as long as you accredit the owner. The best thing about Photopin is the html code that you can embed on your blog that instantly and properly places the photo credit right where you want it!
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Tuesday, June 14

  1. page Math Resources edited ... Math LandingMath Landing is everything you need for your students and yourself when it comes t…
    Math LandingMath Landing is everything you need for your students and yourself when it comes to teaching Mathematics. It is resources for professional development AND it is resources to help you plan your lessons. It includes an explanation of the lesson and the link to the website that your students will visit during the lesson. Math Landing is searchable by keyword, grade level or math topic. This site is a MUST for classroom teachers and Math specialists.
    A Plus ClickA Plus Click is a fantastic site for students from Grade 1 through Grade 12. What it does is allows students to practice math problems advancing the student to the next level of difficulty as the child responds correctly. When visiting the site you can practice math problems based on grade level or subject or topic. All problems come with a visual prompt to help them "see" the problem. This site would be a great addition to any classroom or home.
    Multiplication MadnessWhat it is is a great way for your students to learn, study, practice and test themselves on their multiplication tables AND get instant feedback. Great for differentiating in your classroom as well as a great way for them to practice at home or at school.
    Math ChimpMath Chimp is a great site for online math games that I learned about from @rmbyrne (aka Free Tech for Teachers). Math Chimp is resource for online math games that are aligned to the standards. The games are arranged by grade and then by the standard, ex.Understand Place Value found in the Second Grade tab. Math Chimp will be a great addition to any classroom's bank of resources as well as a fun way for students to practice their math at home.
    Math GlossaryThis is Harcourt's site for K-6th grade mathematical terminology. This is a great site to share with your students' parents as they may not remember what the distributive property of multiplication is. It is also helpful to the students! This is a must for any class website's link section.
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